Highland High School Bands

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All About That Band

The Highland Band offers several musical opportunities for students. The primary groups included in the band include a marching band and colorguard, two concert bands, a percussion ensemble, a jazz band, and a bagpipe group. Many students are in more than one group and successfully balance school, band, and several other activities. Through participation in the band, students have opportunities to grow in leadership positions and gain valuable life skills.

Marching Season

The band is currently within a busy marching season. This year's show is titled Voodoo, a 10-minute routine which will be performed first at the end of our fall marching camp (August 14 at 10:30 AM). More details will come as performances approach.

Contribute to the Band

If you think the band is a worthy cause, we gladly accept donations and sponsorships. See the Donate page for more details.